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This wonderful book by an accomplished specialist in treating incontinence is about far more than just the bladder, however important that elastic, muscular sac might be.  Mind Over Bladder offers its readers friendly explanations, assurances laced with humor, and empowering guidance for directing a lifelong care plan for their own pelvic health.

Nancy Muller

Where is the closest bathroom?

If you listen hard enough, these are the words you will hear from the lips of millions of women as they enter halls, malls, shopping centers, lobbies, museums, libraries—any public gathering place. You are capturing the clarion cry of incontinence, perhaps the single most disruptive functional disorder affecting the quality of life in women. Patient awareness and education are crucial since her participation in curative planning is so essential for effectiveness. At last we have the necessary informative vehicle in this ingenuously constructed book created precisely for patient consumption.

Dr. Jill M. Rabin is a nationally recognized authority in the specialty of urogynecology and female pelvic medicine. Dr. Rabin is a kind and compassionate expert in the management of this embarrassing and debilitating condition that afflicts millions of women across the nation.

This book is truly a godsend in its potential to help the female beleaguered with incontinence achieve a much improved quality of life. Simply put, goodbye, wet pants

Dr. Marvin H. Terry Grody

Patient Testimonials

"For ten years I tried every possible method to avoid the discomfort of my prolapsing pelvic organs. It wasn't until I used the pessary ring that I felt comfortable and secure. I am most grateful to Dr. Jill Rabin for her recommendation."

Dear Dr. Rabin,
After the surgery I am happy that I don't have to wear a pessary. My bladder is emptying well and I don't leak urine. I feel that I have a better quality of life now.

"My bladder prolapsed in the early seventies. It protruded and made walking uncomfortable. My gynecologist said that there was no point in raising it as it would 'collapse again within a year'. A women's clinic offered a procedure which left me totally incontinent. Then Dr. Jill Rabin was recommended by a friend. She repaired the prolapse and the incontinence. For a while I had to catheterize myself which I learned to do quite easily. Gradually I urinated normally again. Now I am 85 and totally continent. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Rabin for her efficient and compassionate help."

"I had little expectations when I first went to see Dr. Rabin about my bladder problem. Now, almost two years later, I can say it was the best decision of my life. She was extremely comforting, and her treatment plan was very manageable. I never thought I would be able to feel comfortable in my body, but thanks to Dr. Rabin, I now have control over my incontinence and finally feel like a normal person."

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